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A story about one man's struggle with depression and finding hope.



The Project

The play is a beautifully crafted, visually spectacular performance which combines theatre, original live music and animation, projection and art about one man's struggle with depression and his path to hope.

Based on Tarsem Singh's film 'The Fall'


17-19 March 2017

Bay 56 Theatre
Acklam Village Market

3rd June 2016

Theatro Technis

The Story

It begins with a man (Roy) who has lost all hope for life. After a failed suicide attempt, he lies in hospital, aimless, motionless, despondent. It is here that he meets a young patient of seven (Alexandria) who he
tricks into bringing him painkillers with the intention of overdosing. 

He manipulates her attention by telling vibrant stories about the journeys of five heroes (represented by ever-changing animation on a screen behind him and accompanied by an original score of live music). 



As Alexandria becomes attached to these characters, Roy finds himself inspirited by her goodwill and innocence. Yet he finds his cynicism and dejectedness seeping into his storytelling – the fate of the heroes kept hostage by his increasingly despondent mind-set.


This exhibition aims to facilitate an open dialogue on the topic of mental health, depression and hope. This topic, very close to heart for 1 in 4 of us, is explored through the gaze of thirteen carefully selected artists from varying artistic disciplines (puppetry, painting, spoken-word, animation, line drawing, video art and more).

These artists share their own personal thoughts and experiences, creating a direct relationship with the viewers through empathy, laughter, contemplation and reflection.

The exhibition follows the early stages of mental health problems, the experience when in the depths and finally emerging to the possibility of recovery and the existence of hope.


Sam Fleming, Kim Noce, Barney Wilby, Poppy Parry, Abbie Cairns, Riccardo Rizzo, Joni-Rae Carrack

Caroline MacKenzie, Emily Buchanan, Katie Lou