Tickets now on sale!

So we have exciting news to start the New Year: the DATES & VENUE are officially booked and TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE!! The show will be 17-19th March 2017. We CANNOT wait to show you the goodness that this crazy team of creatives has been developing over the last months. 

Working on Scene 9

Yesterday, we had an epic meeting with the incredible animation trio, Diana Garcia, Freddee Lewis and Cecilia Lu in conjunction with Film Director Sandeep Gill and Theatre Director, Tarzan Tahsin.

We recorded Keira, our 7 year old actress, 2 years ago (!!) and by this last scene, she becomes a real animated figure. Diana's work on this is magical. Here is the little one with her wings on. This character is fearlessly curious and the absolute cutest. Diana knows how to encapsulate her energy perfectly. Look at little Alexandria on the right; what a brilliant combination of shyness and cheekiness.

1_full color.jpg

It's very technical work, knitting together a scene of animation with the projected media that Sandeep recorded. It relies on exact timing and a ridiculous astuteness to detail.

This last scene needs to fit just right. We want the audience to feel the warm between the two characters of Alexandria and Roy but most importantly the wrath of the ultimate villain, Odious. It seems apt timing to be working on this while simultaneously the new 'president of the free world' Trump combs himself into the White House. Having paused the animation to double, triple, quadruple-check the timing for the projection, I suddenly noticed the remarkable resemblance between Odious and Trump. Lo and behold the tiny hands (spooky frisson runs down my spine) 

Tiny, tiny handed Odious, juxtaposed with pre-recorded scenes of Keira Jozana

Tiny, tiny handed Odious, juxtaposed with pre-recorded scenes of Keira Jozana

On that terrifying and chill-inducing note, I will leave you with 'Tiny Hands', a song created by Fiona Apple for the Women's March.