End of Year Update

The new designs for the last scene of animation have come through from Diana Garcia (above picture), Cecilia Lu and Freddee Lewis, music has been flowing in from Max Wilson, rehearsals for music and acting are underway and film sequences are being synced by Sandeep Gill. I'm always in awe of the moving cogs constantly at work in this project.  

The show has grown so exponentially since its inception. The scope of it keeps widening and bringing in completely new artforms.


We've now made the decision to bring the show to Acklam Village, just off Portobello Road. It's a really exciting space run by West Way Trust which unites perfectly with ambitions for the show and the needs of the surrounding community. We're beaming with joy! 

This means the full show is looking to go up in 2017! 



We'll be running an exhibition alongside the show on the topic of 'Depression and Finding Hope'. We've been keeping this hush-hush while we curate it and bring together the 13 artists. We'll be unveiling these accoladed brilliances in the new year! We can't wait to share their work with you. It's everything from puppetry to painting. Here's a little sneak peek of Kim Noce's work that we'll be showing. 

  "After" by Kim Noce


"After" by Kim Noce