We're getting so so SO excited to show you this project. It has been 2.5 years of the most enthralling creating collaboration, involving over 30 artists and I got to thinking yesterday, there is literally something for *everyone* in this show. If you like theatre, live music, film, animation, projection or art, THIS IS FOR YOU. 

Here are some glimpses of the show to come. You can see ALL those artforms mixed together :) 

New updated logo!

The name and logo of our company was imagined by Director Tarzan Tahsin, and exquisitely crafted by Rajee. Here, Tarzan explains what he had in mind, in an email dated some 3 years ago now!

"Sometimes we have a tendency to shy away from sincere empathy. The boundaries between façade of charity and sincere compassion can occasionally be clouded. Certain empathies are oft neglected or eternally postponed when we fear the consequences too detrimental to our egos or comfort zones.

The image is a third eye in to a world of humanity that we know exists but have, to varying degrees, chosen to ignore or delay further pursuit of. It is understanding empathy as an imaginative projection of one’s own consciousness onto another.

The eye has forced itself from the back of the cranium, straining to see truth and to empatheyes. The truths it reveals are… well, eye-opening, yet sinister. We are thrown into a new world of pain, and wisdom. As well as feeling regret, we feel aware. As well as acceptance of our ignorance, we feel inspired to make change.

A dark enlightenment."





This week I have spent time with our mini cousin, Rüzgâr (wind, in Turkish) whooshing around London and singing endless Moana songs - all. week. long.

The resemblance of Rüzgâr to the main character in The Fall (the film version) is astounding. Her energy reminds me of the same that Keira (the 8 year old actress in our play version) brings. Wise beyond her years, she holds the seeds of strength within her and makes an astounding impact, larger than she can as yet comprehend. She brings hope. Hope to us all for the future and hope to anyone that needs an injection of it. Just as little Alexandria does in The Fall. 

Catinca Untaru in The Fall (film), Rüzgâr and our tigers.

Catinca Untaru in The Fall (film), Rüzgâr and our tigers.

A man cannot show what is in his heart when he hides his face

Her voice cracks. Is Alexandria (played by Keira Jozana) talking about the mask veiled over his face? Is she talking about his struggle in voicing his mental strife? Is she imploring his honesty? There is so much in this line. Keira delivers it so beautifully when we did our recordings last week. A very rough recording below, so you know what I mean.

He cannot help but trust and obey her

He cannot help but trust and obey her

We're live!

We're officially on the WestWay Trust's website!! Born from protest and community drive, the work Westway do supports creativity, diversity and renovation and we're joining their theatre repertoire by performing at the Bay 56 Theatre just off Portobello Road. You can see the event up here and more about the history of this brilliant Trust here

Following a four year campaign, it was decided that the mile strip of land under the motorway which lay within the boroughs boundaries would be used to compensate the community for the damage and destruction caused by the road. North Kensington Amenity Trust – now the Westway Trust, was set up in partnership with the local authority, holding the land in trust to ensure local people would be actively involved in determining its use.

happy february

Bay 56 Theatre

Went to see the venue on Friday while it was pitch black to see the acoustics at night and make a technical plan for the show. Bringing the show to this totally raw space is thrilling as it means we're not only making the play, we're literally making a theatre, too!!

Tarzan Tahsin (Director, Piotr Nierobisz (Technical Manager), Niko Goodman (Lighting Designer), Michael Speechley (Advisor) and Sandeep Gill (Film Director)

Tarzan Tahsin (Director, Piotr Nierobisz (Technical Manager), Niko Goodman (Lighting Designer), Michael Speechley (Advisor) and Sandeep Gill (Film Director)

Recording Keira

Got to see our little mini actress Keira Jozana being not so mini anymore for her last bits of recording. She was AMAZING and made me forget all about fascism coming into fashion. This girl slays, BIG TIME. She switches on some serious natural acting skills and *always* brings such joy to her recordings. We now have the final scene audio refined to be exactly what it needs with just the right combination of naivety yet wise-beyond-her-years quality in her voice. And she's 8. HOW?! How is she so good?! Here she is, bossin' it on the recording and signing posters.

Exhibition update

Had an awesome meeting with exhibition curator Male Arcucci who is assembling all the work and putting together the concept of the exhibition. She has created a beautifully fluid transition between these varied pieces by 14 fierce artists. We are mirroring the journey of the play, beginning with the early stages of a mental health difficulties, all the way through psychosis to emerge at the possibility of hope and healing. It's going to be a really special part of the whole The Fall experience and we're focusing on making it really intimate. Cannot wait to show you more of this.



Tickets now on sale!

So we have exciting news to start the New Year: the DATES & VENUE are officially booked and TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE!! The show will be 17-19th March 2017. We CANNOT wait to show you the goodness that this crazy team of creatives has been developing over the last months. 

Working on Scene 9

Yesterday, we had an epic meeting with the incredible animation trio, Diana Garcia, Freddee Lewis and Cecilia Lu in conjunction with Film Director Sandeep Gill and Theatre Director, Tarzan Tahsin.

We recorded Keira, our 7 year old actress, 2 years ago (!!) and by this last scene, she becomes a real animated figure. Diana's work on this is magical. Here is the little one with her wings on. This character is fearlessly curious and the absolute cutest. Diana knows how to encapsulate her energy perfectly. Look at little Alexandria on the right; what a brilliant combination of shyness and cheekiness.

1_full color.jpg

It's very technical work, knitting together a scene of animation with the projected media that Sandeep recorded. It relies on exact timing and a ridiculous astuteness to detail.

This last scene needs to fit just right. We want the audience to feel the warm between the two characters of Alexandria and Roy but most importantly the wrath of the ultimate villain, Odious. It seems apt timing to be working on this while simultaneously the new 'president of the free world' Trump combs himself into the White House. Having paused the animation to double, triple, quadruple-check the timing for the projection, I suddenly noticed the remarkable resemblance between Odious and Trump. Lo and behold the tiny hands (spooky frisson runs down my spine) 

Tiny, tiny handed Odious, juxtaposed with pre-recorded scenes of Keira Jozana

Tiny, tiny handed Odious, juxtaposed with pre-recorded scenes of Keira Jozana

On that terrifying and chill-inducing note, I will leave you with 'Tiny Hands', a song created by Fiona Apple for the Women's March. 

End of Year Update

The new designs for the last scene of animation have come through from Diana Garcia (above picture), Cecilia Lu and Freddee Lewis, music has been flowing in from Max Wilson, rehearsals for music and acting are underway and film sequences are being synced by Sandeep Gill. I'm always in awe of the moving cogs constantly at work in this project.  

The show has grown so exponentially since its inception. The scope of it keeps widening and bringing in completely new artforms.


We've now made the decision to bring the show to Acklam Village, just off Portobello Road. It's a really exciting space run by West Way Trust which unites perfectly with ambitions for the show and the needs of the surrounding community. We're beaming with joy! 

This means the full show is looking to go up in 2017! 



We'll be running an exhibition alongside the show on the topic of 'Depression and Finding Hope'. We've been keeping this hush-hush while we curate it and bring together the 13 artists. We'll be unveiling these accoladed brilliances in the new year! We can't wait to share their work with you. It's everything from puppetry to painting. Here's a little sneak peek of Kim Noce's work that we'll be showing. 

  "After" by Kim Noce


"After" by Kim Noce